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December 05, 2005


Static Brain

I pray to God that democrats can rebound from the last two major elections. The republican party is the new third reich. I dread seeing it gain any more power. I hope the elections turn out the way wish. Good luck and God bless.

Jesus was a leftie


When are you going to post your summary on your "homeless" adventure? You said you would do this a couple of diaries below:

“So I need an extra day or two to finish up. Sorry, everyone. I'll keep you posted, though.”

It's been two weeks. Why the delay in getting this informative experience out to those of us who followed your diaries? I am beginning to think this WAS a political stunt on your part since you have neglected to follow through on your promise to enlighten all of us with your sacrifice and hardships of being homeless. Write the summary on all the blogs that you posted these diaries so that you will have some credibility. Otherwise, stop with the gimmicks, schtick and the smoke and mirrors to collect money from some who may not realize your scam.


Jeff, this is Noelle. I was wondering if you got my e-mail asking you for your contact information, because it seems your old one is outdated on my list of references.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could respond back to me within a couple of days because without your contact information, I can't send out resumes. My e-mail address is

Jeff Seemann

Two quick responses here....

Jesus was a leftie, I have come up with a plan in regards to tackling the homeless problem, and I hope it will lead to ending it entirely. I'm meeting with a few local leaders and am making sure than anything I plan goes through the right channels (and isn't already planned by anybody else). You'll see a summary posted very soon, but I pulled the original because it detailed my plans for a shelter/gateway to a new life. Patience, it'll be up soon.

Noelle, I hadn't checked my e-mail for a few days (I've had Charlotte with me for the past few days 24/7), so I'll respond to you right away. Miss you, Noelle!



You haven't updated your page in almost two months. Are you still running?

Jesus was a leftie


What is your plan to ending homelessness? Where is your report on your "100 hours of homelessness"? Why have you not posted to this sight for two months? Have you paid your FEC fines yet?

Heard you may be filing to run again in the 06 elections. I would advise you to NOT run, not that you will listen. But you should know your credibility in the blogshere is severely damaged. Ohio needs a candidate they can trust. Your negligence in reporting accurate campaign contribution numbers, not filing with the FEC, and running a money grab campaign scheme on the pretense that you were spending time on the streets has left you with, to say the least, a tremendous amount suspicion on your true intentions to bringing honor, honesty, and integrity to the democrat party. Do yourself a favor Jeff by not subjecting anyone to your questionable actions one more day. The democrat party deserves better.


Hey Jeff:

Who besides "Jesus was a leftie" did piss off this time? Sounds to me that people like myself are still backing you up for Round 2 with Ralphie-Boy and you haven't made any major announcements. All due respect to your daily agenda, keep us supporters and voters in the loop before we change are minds. Sorry, man, I am not jumping ship nor onto the band wagon here, but we need to know what you are up to to win in '06.

Matt Bors

So, uh Jeff...ever posting again?

Are you running or what?

runnin' away

Looks like Jeffie ain't runnin', having failed to get 50 frickin signatures.

Two years behind on the FEC, fines in the five digits by now, and unable to get 50 signatures. Doesn't sound like someone we want or need in Congress.


Sad. Truly, truly, sad. What a letdown.

Vietta Werman

I am concerned about you and wondering if you are still running for office. I understand things can get crazy and having time to post gets moved to the back burner, but we need to know what is going on with the campaign. I have alot of faith in you and I will support you no matter what the decision is. Please post soon, and take care. God Bless!!



Hope everything is well in your personal life. See you around.



You haven't been to Trinity UCC in ages that I'm aware and I think thats sad. I haven't seen your wife either. With the Republicans trying to claim to be the Holy Chosen Ones any Democrat running needs to practise (not just make a show of-) faith. P.S.- its good for your health ,too!

You know who I am. I voted for you the first time round and I thought you'd win. I couldn't frankly vote for you this time because I know you better and I'm not convinced you're ready for the job.

God bless. COME TO CHURCH.


Sharon M


Message for ya;


Thought you should know.

BG Bulgaria

Hey Jeff are you responible for the above shoot america poster hosted with your website on a BG Bulgaria server??????

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