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November 21, 2005



Hey Jeff... I met you once during election time last year when working with Get Out the Vote. I live in the Canton area (Plain Township) and after reading about you on Daily Kos last night, I said to my husband as we dropped off mail at the main post office on Cleveland Ave, that we should drive downtown and try to find you and give you a bag of chips and a juice box that we had in the car for our 3 yr old daughter, but we figured we'd never find you and that you might be spooked by strangers hunting you down. Besides, I guess if we had given you those things, it would go against the whole point of this experience, huh? B/c how many homeless people have the luxury of strangers hunting them down and giving them food? Take care and stay safe.

James Slusher

I just contributed $100. Hope it helps. Keep up the good work.


It sounds like you are going to come out of this a very changed person.

That is not a bad thing by any means.

Anita "Dianne" Hetrick

I supported John Kerry in 2004. I am a registered Democrat. Why have I not received any of your campaign literature?
I have received no campaign literature for any democratic candidates.

Anita "Dianne" Hetrick

You sound as if you want to make some changes that are long overdue.
I am willing to put a sign in my yard. If you need help with phone calls and/or stuffing envelopes for your campaign, please contact me.

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