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August 11, 2005



What's up with your "freakin'" attitude, Jeff?

Jeff Seemann

Can't freakin' help it, Ray.

How you been doin', my friend? I still owe you my thoughts on the Supreme Court nominee, don't I?


Doing fine here in Columbus, hopefully better after my first anniversary here and for 2006.

Yeah, put in your two cents when you get a chance. I caught the news over the weekend. The idiot's wife puts a first female chef in charge of cooking (she was origianlly an assistant) and the the idiot has a all-male supreme court. What does that tell you about family values?

Shirley Campolieto

I for one am glad you are with us Jeff!!! I am very disappointed with the Stark County Democratic Party. My daughter (Rachael) and I volunteered to help at the Democratic Fair booth again this year. June the prune replied to Rachael that they already have enough help.

Last year I was the Stark County Chairman of MOVEON Pac and ran headquarters out of my home. 134 volunteers were trained and received assignments from me. I was also a precinct captain at SCDH and did phone banking and other volunteer work. I am also an E-Captain for the DNC (go Howard Dean). Over 50% of these people said when they tried to volunteer to help at Dem Headquarters they where ignored or treated badly. WTF. The Dems should be glad to have a spirited-educated-knowledable young person like my daughter on their team.
When Rachael and I worked the fair booth last year---we were educated on the issues and mixed with the population that passed. The old bastards that are in the click at headquarters stood around and talked to their friends. It was a social event for them instead of a mission to take back the presidency. Shame on headquarters. Johhny Maier is no better then a little Hitler--worship him or you are out. These fundraisers are not for clerk of courts. I believe they are for his run for Congress in 06. Well, I feel better now!

Also, if headquarters would have got off their ass in 2000 maybe Gore would have won Ohio instead of Bush.


I agree about Maier. This past Massillon Car Show had him and several others walking around with his name on them and his running for Clerk of Courts.

Why on earth is Little Johnnie getting his nose involved to dethrone Regula? That's Jeff's job.


...walking around wearing Maier for Clerk of Courts shirts, that is.....hands faster than brain....

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