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August 17, 2005


casey fay

My heart was overfilled by seeing all the people who came out. My heart aches for the Mom's who were there who's sons are now serving. Please lets keep up the pressure to bring our troops home. Maybe if this country looks to Cindy Sheehan as the fire to ignite our beliefs, we can bring home our troops for Christmas!

Craig Schroeder

(Nodding my head at Jeff's and Casey's words.)

The vigil was a small thing, but it might effect some changes in a couple of ways. First, being out there with so many local people of so many stripes gave me a lot of courage to speak my mind and not allow myself to be pushed to the fringes of society. I think our friends in the opposition community will be encouraged in the same way, just knowing that others are so committed.

And second, the general public is getting a real glimpse of how sincere and dedicated and thoughtful and pissed off and determined we are, (link below). We aren't a bunch of rabid crusaders frothing at the mouth and calling for right wing blood. We're just neighbors across the fence, and we're demanding that responsibility be taken for the bloodshed.

Did anyone notice how the dripping candle wax looked like little flower petals on the bricks? Or tears. We left our mark on Canton. I thought that was poignant.

Here's the Repository's story on last night's vigil:



As for what's next, there is going to be a huge protest in DC on Sept 24, sponsored by United for Peace and Justice.

Shirley Campolieto

The peace vigil was a beautiful experience. I can't for the life of me understand why all mankind would not support peace. Let's continue these vigils. The peace movement in Stark County needs to roll once again.

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