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April 08, 2005


judy armstrong

Rudolf is indeed a terrorist, a domestic one, not an International terrorist. In my scope of understanding, the Olympic Park or Olympic Village is a symbolic title for the group of International guests of the host country. Additionally, only Americans were victims of the bombing thus we did not have to wade thru International red tape regarding the issue.

I agree in part on the white-Christian take of the matter. I tend to simplify the issue and feel they coped a plea because the anti-abortion issue is counter-productive to the neo-cons agenda which runs rampant in the south.


I never did hear what Rudolf's reason for the bombing was.

I suppose now they would have to use the Patriot Act's definition of "terrorist" in applying it to the case. And this new definition is broad enough to include just about anyone, so it should be applicable.


If by the World Court, you mean the International Criminal Court, one reason it could not occur is the date of the alleged offense. The ICC only has jurisdiction over crimes occurring after 2002 (or was it 2001?).

Other issues are that the ICC can only prosecute War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Crimes of Aggression, the latter of which have yet to be defined. But even if this were found to constitute Genocide, the ICC could only acquire jurisdiction if it appeared that no legitimate prosecution was forthcoming in the area of the crime.

Of course the US is not a party to the ICC, thanks to Mr. Bush, but that doesn't even come to fore here.

The main thing is that the ICC is set up more as a forum to prosecute State sanctioned killing.

The ICJ, or the International Court of Justice, is often referred to as the World Court, but it has jurisdiction only over disputes involving two states, and only when they have consented to its jurisdiction.

Good luck in 06!

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